Monday, March 7, 2011

Much, Much Earlier

At the end of my journey, I want to have something like this. A book. With my name. With a picture on the cover. One that might be around long after I've passed on.

I've always wanted to write. Even when I didn't feel like writing, I always wished that I did. It started when I was a kid, and though I don't know exactly when it began, I still have vivid memories of rewriting a then-epic story back when I was eight. It was 26 pages long.

Since then, I've written with the hopes of having a book published. Here's someone else's that was prepared much, much earlier.

The photo shows a copy of "The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" that I picked up at a book stall for a measly ten dollars. It's a remarkably ornate book, and though it shows the wear of countless (and an unknown quantity of) years, it's still quite impressive. I have no idea when exactly it was printed, but it's just an amazingly beautiful work of art.

I see this wonderful book as an idea; a weighted tome that represents what I want to do more readily than any of the other books I own, whether they be my favourite book, or a luscious hardcover that's more readily comparable to what mine could one day look like.

In the end, it's something special. Timeless. It also represents part of what I want to achieve with this blog. I'm vaguely aware of the direction I want it to take, but the specifics are lost on me at the moment. I just know that I want to look at the creative process, and hope that I can have some positive impact on it.

It almost doesn't matter if that's just my own journey, or if it's the creative journey of those that read it. All I know, is that it is beginning.


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